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  We are now located at 155 Balmain Rd, Leichhardt Our telephone contact is (02) 9561 3200 We can’t wait,… Read More

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GoBabyGo/Enliten Harness System

Therapies for Kids is excited to commission Australia’s first and ONLY GoBabyGo/Enliten Harness system and the early results have been spectacular… Read More

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Children’s Therapists in Sydney

Intensive therapy programs for a variety of conditions

The children’s therapists at Therapies for Kids provide intensive programmes specifically tailored for children with complex disabilities, such as:

  1. Cerebral Palsy
  2. Spinal cord injury
  3. Autism Spectrum Disorders (including Asperger’s Syndrome)
  4. Down syndrome
  5. Brain injury
  6. Complex pain syndromes

These programmes are designed to be tailored as an intensive therapy programme in multiple therapy sessions per week for up to 3 weeks at 3 – 5 hours per day, no matter what the abilities or needs of the child.

Using effective and fun treatments that involve specialised gross motor and sensory equipment, we focus on improving skills and qualities such as :-

  1. independent mobility
  2. strength
  3. flexibility
  4. balance
  5. coordination
  6. endurance
  7. gross and fine motor skills
  8. cognition/thinking
  9. play
  10. motor planning
  11. feeding
  12. receptive and expressive language

Effective therapy services that get results

Therapies for Kids provides Sydney’s most sought after children’s therapist services, in a purpose built centre located in the inner west suburbs. Our dynamic team of registered and experienced children’s therapists deliver support and services with compassion and care. Therapies for Kids is committed to Early Childhood Early Intervention therapy and post early intervention support. Among the paediatric services we offer are:

Working as a team, we use the best equipment, latest research and best practice to offer a multidisciplinary approach focused on the child within the family.  Our children’s therapists aim to help children develop to their full potential in an environment that embodies Fun, Friends, Family, Fitness, Function and the Future.

Visit our Sydney therapy centre

Providing the best treatment program for children requires very specialist knowledge and experience we provide the highest quality of treatment and care coupled with innovative technologies to help your child reach their goals.

Our innovative Therapy Centre has the TheraKids Gym at its heart, with adjacent rooms for one on one therapy where it is needed. The gym space allows our physio, occupational and speech therapists to integrate their treatments to achieve all round results. It is not only a colourful gym that provides visual interest to children, but it also contains equipment and facilities that children naturally find stimulating, exciting and challenging.


We are now located in purpose built promises at 155 Balmain Road , Leichhardt.  Our telephone lines are still in the process of being transferred from our old premises to the new. So the telephone contact you have all been used to is not connecting.  However !!!! we can be contacted on (02) 9561 3200

We’ll let you all know when our telephones are back to normal.


Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.37.10 am

Debbie Evans evaluates a “Go Baby Go” electric car. Therapies for Kids is involved with GoBabyGo Australia to have these toys available for use by children with mobility disabilities.

Therapies for Kids is approved for:

At Therapies for Kids we are focused on a family centred practice and endeavour to provide individualised programs for each child. – @tfkau