Other Services

Handwriting Groups:  are conducted in school holidays and involve small groups (up to 4 children) addressing handwriting needs such as grip, hand strength, fluency, formation or speed over 3 consecutive sessions.

 Fun Fingers and Hand Groups: This group is primarily aimed at Kindergarten children looking at developing hand strength, fine motor skills, and pencil and scissor skills. It is usually run at the end of Term 1 or 2.

Social Skill Groups: This group is run in the school holidays for children who need to develop social skills and their peer interaction skills. It involves role plays and common issues that arise in social settings.

 Homework Club: Supervised by one of our experienced OT’s, bring your homework and join our weekly homework club.

 Group Sessions: Once you are known to our service and have set therapy goals. We are happy to try and combine you with other children in our service in order to provide a group session with two or more children with similar goals and social needs.

Holiday Programs: Each holidays Therapies for Kids runs a range of intensive holiday groups

Handwriting for Kindergarten & Grade 1:

School Readiness (for pre-schoolers attending school the following year)

This group is run in Terms 3 and 4 for children the year before they start Kindergarten. It aims at developing hand strength, hand dominance, fine motor skills, scissor skills, pencil skills, self-care and social interaction skills.

Life Skills (for 8 year old plus):

Fun and social way to learn and practise everyday skills such as good hand washing, making toast/sandwiches, dressing and tooth brushing

 Fizzy Gym

We run gym classes for 0-6 year olds that are full of age appropriate activities that promote motor learning. For under 4’s you will be there every ‘step’ of the way as your child builds motor skills on the gym equipment.

Our physiotherapists facilitate each class providing caregivers confidence, knowledge and support in a safe and fun learning environment.

  • Fizzy Crawlers (7-12 months)
  •  Fizzy Toddlers (13-24 months)
  •  Fizzy Juniors I (2-4 years)
  •  Fizzy Juniors II (5-6 years)

Fizzy Movin’ Kids Program

For 6-16 year olds we have created a program of strength and flexibility exercises. This is becoming more important now that children are surrounded by sedentary distractions. Our goal is to instill health and fitness.

  •  Fizzy Movin’ Kids I (7-10 years)
  •  Fizzy Movin’ Kids II (11-12 years)
  •  Fizzy Movin’ Kids III (13-16 years)

Practice “n Play 

For childen attending Therapies for Kids we now offer Practice ‘n Play. This allows children to practice their skills with their families in our wonderful play environment on a casual basis. This is particularly useful for parents trying to institute an intensive programme whilst keeping costs down.

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