Our Team

We believe in every childs potential

We have the vision to see it

We have the expertise to unlock it


Debbie Evans        – Executive Director

Kevin Rangi          – Director


The Physiotherapists  at Therapies for Kids have over 85 years combined experience exclusively in the assessment and treatment of childhood conditions. Paediatric Physiotherapists assist children to  develop gross-motor skills, monitor musculoskeletal development, manage pain and sport injuries. For more information about our services Click Here

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapists at Therapies for Kids have the skills to provide the best assessment and therapy for babies through to adolescents. They will ensure that  your child gains the necessary skills for participation and independence in the activities of their daily lives such as playing, learning and self-care. For more information about our services Click Here

Speech Therapy

In paediatrics, a Speech Therapist works to develop and maximise your child’s speech, language, and feeding skills. This is all provided in a motivating play setting with the goal of increasing your child’s independence and ability to communicate. For more information about our services Click Here


At Therapies for Kids  we are aware of the developmental milestones and patterns of growth of children’s feet and feel we need to provide a collaborative and innovative approach to the management of lower limb problems for children and adolescents. To provide this we have a fortnightly clinic with both podiatry and physiotherapy input. For more information about our services Click Here


Our office is staffed by a dedicated group who ensure that the all therapists and families work in a stress free and organised environment. Administration staff are responsible for booking your initial visit, welcoming you and helping you with all subsequent enquiries. They make all appointments and endeavour to provide the appropriate information on receipts for the various funding bodies including Medicare items, Better Start and Helping Children with Autism packages (HCA) and Private Health Funds. For more information about our services Click Here

  • Jenn                – Practice Manager
  • Sarah-Jane    – Assistant Practice Manager
  • Kevin              – Accounts & Marketing
  • Marissa          – NDIS Administration