TheraKids™ – Intensive Treatments

Therapies for Kids Director, Debbie Evans, developed the TheraKids™ Intensive Model of therapy from skills she has developed to mastery (including therapies and treatments from around the world) after more than 40 years working in paediatric physiotherapy.Intensive Web - 1

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We offer a unique, innovative and effective Intensive Therapy Program for infants through to adolescents with neuromuscular disorders and a variety of diagnoses. Intensive therapy is ideal for those looking to accelerate their progress in both functional and developmental skills. The therapy is delivered under the guidance of Debbie Evans on a one-on-one basis with an experienced and registered Therapist who will develop an individualised treatment plan for each child.

The TheraKids™ Program is an INTENSIVE therapy program. This program WILL CHALLENGE your child, helping them to maximise gains in strength and function in a short period of time.

Goals of the TheraKids™ Intensive Model Program

  • Improve independence with activities involving motor skills
  • Improve body awareness
  • Improve motor coordination and motor control
  • Improve balance and improve open chained activities

Our holistic approach focuses on developing functional motor skills and enhancing development of independence. During treatment sessions a variety of tools & techniques are utilised.

Tools used during a typical day include: Intensive Web-3

  • Theratogs™ – soft dynamic proprioceptive orthoses
  • Universal Exercise Unit / Spider Cage – results in balance control in partial supported weight bearing
  • Treadmill – results in partial supported gait training
  • Pulley Systems
  • Vibration Plate


Techniques used during a typical day include:

Physiotherapy based :

  • Distal Balance Control/ CME – activities to enhance vestibular & postural reactions and balance
  • Open/Closed chain activities
  • Strengthening/endurance training
  • Motor-learning therapy
  • Tone reduction
  • Functional skill development
  • Partial supported weight bearing training
  • Neuro-developemental principles

Occupational Therapy based :

  • Sensory based activitiesIntensive Web-4
  • Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT)
  • Bimanual activities
  • Choice Making
  • Corrective behaviour
  • Electrical stimulation

Speech Pathology based :

  • Augmentative & Alternative Communication

A typical day of the Intensive Program consists of the following :

  • Warm up stretching range of movement
  • Tone reduction and proprioceptive techniques
  • Inhibition of abnormal movement patterns
  • Develop active and functional movement patterns
  • Progressive resistance exercises
  • Closed/Open distal balance control, coordination and endurance training
  • Transfers, functional activities and gait training
  • Occupational Therapy and/or Speech Pathology sessions as required

Who is a Candidate ?

  • Children 2 ½ years and older
  • Children with neurological conditions including Cerebral Palsy, developmental delay, traumatic brain injury, stroke, muscle tone disorders, spinal cord injury, Spina Bifida, etc.
  • Children with sensory processing disorders
  • Children with genetic disorders including Down Syndrome
  • Children in need of post-op rehabilitation such as post tendon releases, botox, Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR, Single Event Multilevel Surgery (SEMLs), etc.

TheraKids™ Intensive Therapy Program 2017

Available places are determined by booking confirmations for the sessions on a first come first served basis. We feel that 3 week sessions are the optimal length but we are sensitive to families’ obligations and children’s needs so we endeavour to include flexibility by offering sessions of differing durations. All TheraKids™ Intensive Therapy is delivered in the state of the art TheraKids™ Gym at the Therapies for Kids premises in Sydney, Australia.

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2 Week Programs 


3 Week Programs (15 days)


Download the Information Sheet at the base of this page for the full 2017 year program.

Within these session durations we offer a choice between 2, 3 & 4 hours per day. You will need to choose and nominate your required daily number of sessions (which will be dependant upon your child’s age, stamina & concentration ability) at the time of confirming your booking.Intensive Web-5


All prices are in Australian dollars and are based on the recommended hourly rate promulgated by the National Disability Insurance Agency. The final price will be dependant upon the number of treatment sessions nominated per day and the total duration of the chosen Intensive Therapy Program.

If you’re interested in our program, please fill out a contact form and we will contact you with further details including pricing options.

A $1000 deposit is required at the time you confirm your booking with the balance of the program total due and payable on or before the start of the program. Payment can be made by cash, credit card, or bank transfer. All payments are non-refundable.

If you’ve already filled out a contact form and would like to confirm for a program, please submit your confirmation request here, or contact our reception today!

WORK!! This is the key component of the TheraKids™ Program. It has been our experience that children who participate in this program may initially respond with some resistance (i.e. crying and fussing). We monitor the child’s response closely and adjust the progression of the program accordingly, but we have found this to be difficult for some families. If this is the case, we may request that you leave the room for a period of time in order to help your child work through this stage.

In the last week of TheraKids™ Program, the caregiver is required to be available to attend each of the final five sessions to receive instruction on a tailored home program for your child as research has shown that children continue to progress with a home program and regular post-intensive therapy to support their intensive blocks.